"Blessed," a mural by Chicago artist Sentrock on Clark Street in Ravenswood


Artist: Sentrock
Location: Badabing Wings, 4754 N Clark St
Materials: Existing wall, paint
Installation Date: 2017

Project Details

Installed in 2017 on what is now the home of Badabing Wings, “Blessed” is Chicago artist Sentrock’s only public mural in Ravenswood.

Sponsors: Sentrock

About the Artist

Best known as “Sentrock,” Joseph Perez is a self taught Chicago street artist. His early works were developed from graffiti writing in some of our city’s Mexican-American neighborhoods. Sentrock’s signature bird-mask over a human figure has become his most recognizable declaration. He describes the bird-mask as analogous to humanity: a person who is able to find or escape to their freedom by placing them in a different reality. Sentrock’s art presents undertones of hope, freedom and expression. His work encapsulates his background, history, upbringing, empathy, and compassion for his community.

Chicago artist Sentrock

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