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Whether your business is just getting started or well established, the Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce is here to help.

The Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce can help you:

  • Start or open a business in Ravenswood
  • Access Chamber and City educational and funding resources
  • Navigate City Hall and troubleshoot City-related issues
  • Plan and promote your event or business in Ravenswood
  • Get affordable group health insurance for your small business
  • Connect you to the community through business-to-business networking
  • Find resources for employment and workforce development

Get in touch with our office if you have any specific questions or requests. We are happy to assist you!

Visit our COVID-19 Resource Hub

The Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce (GRCC) has created a Coronavirus resource hub to keep you connected to important information and resources regarding your health, current reopening phases, and ways to support neighborhood businesses and neighbors. Visit the COVID-19 Resource Hub.

Resources For Business Owners

Recent Resources

Commercial Properties

There are several websites that list commercial properties available for sale or for lease. Here are a couple we’ve had success with:

Additionally, many of the commercial properties along Ravenswood Avenue are owned and managed by members of the chamber. View them in our directory.

Labor Standards

Managing employees for the first time is daunting. The City of Chicago has different rules than the State of Illinois and understanding them is vital for your business!

Ward Information

Ravenswood is served by three aldermen. As a small business, you’ll most likely have to work with the Alderman and their staff on issues like licensing and zoning. Learn more about the Alderman and their wards:

City of Chicago, Departmental Resources

Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection 

Just about everything small business-related in Chicago goes through the Department of Business Affairs & Consumer Protection (BACP). Through BACP, you can:

BACP also offers a Restaurant Start-Up Program, making it easier for you to open a restaurant in the city.

Department of Planning and Development 

For small businesses, the Department of Planning and Development (DPD) oversees issues related to zoning, land use, real estate development, historic preservation, and much more. Through DPD, you can:

Other City and County Resources 

State and Government Business Resources 

For most small businesses in Chicago, issues usually arise at the city or count common issues are usually resolved at the city or county level. However, sometimes there are just some things that need to be addressed at the state or federal level. Learn more about the various Illinois and Federal departments that might be relevant to you.

Connecting business and community.

We are here for you.

The Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce is, of course, a great resource and here to support you!

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