Ravenswood Security Camera Rebate Program

In response to an increase in commercial burglaries and break-ins, the Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce (GRCC) and SSA #31 have established the Ravenswood Security Camera Rebate Program. The goal of this new program is to help deter crime, assist authorities in identifying criminals, and increase pedestrian safety.

This funding incentivizes business owners to install new or upgraded security cameras while aiding those who would not otherwise be able make such improvements. By improving security in our commercial corridors, the program strengthens Ravenswood’s standing as a destination for entrepreneurs and shoppers from across Chicago.

Program Details


Businesses interested in the Security Camera Rebate Program must be within the boundaries of Special Service Area 31. Eligible projects can receive a one-time rebate of 100% of the total costs, with a maximum rebate of $1,000.

Application Process & Requirements

To apply for the Security Camera Rebate Program, you must complete and submit the application form. Then, GRCC will review the application. If your application is approved, you will be notified with an approval letter from GRCC. You must submit an application and receive an approval letter before installation begins. Rebates will not be awarded retroactively or without an approval letter.

Once an approved project is complete, applicants must schedule an inspection with GRCC within 5 business days. Once GRCC verifies that all project requirements have been met, a rebate will be issued.

Program Requirements

  • Applications for the program are considered in the order they are received until all available funds have been distributed for that fiscal year.
  • The application must be submitted and approved BEFORE installation begins. Rebates are not awarded retroactively nor without an application.
  • For Vendor Installation: provide a detailed quote for equipment and installation fees.
  • For Self-Installation: provide pricing and description for the equipment you want to install.
  • At least one of the security cameras MUST oversee the sidewalk for greater public safety.
  • The business must hold an active business license with the City of Chicago.
  • If the business owner is not the property owner, the property owner or landlord must give written authorization to the business tenant by signing the application. The property owner must not be delinquent on property taxes or have a lien on their property.
  • Cameras must have a resolution of 1080p HD quality or higher.
  • Equipment must remain on or in the building for at least 3 years. If equipment is removed within 3 years of installation, the applicant cannot apply for SSA rebate programs in the future.
  • No property owner or business can receive more than 1 Security Camera Rebate in 3 calendar years from disbursement of the original grant.
  • Rebates are given only after all work has been approved, completed and paid for, and all documentation has been received by the Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce.

Download the Ravenswood Security Camera Rebate Program application (PDF).

Ravenswood Security Camera Rebate applications open on Friday, June 21st, 2024.

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