Landscaping & Neighborhood Beautification

SSA #31 provides and maintains a variety of landscaping elements along our streets. We also takes care of litter removal and holiday decorations during the winter. Additionally, the SSA administers special beautification projects like our public art and mural program and our storefront improvement programs for businesses.

Litter Removal, Power Washing, & Sidewalk Sweeping

After numerous requests, the SSA added sidewalk sweeping, litter removal, and power washing services to our area. Some of these services include low pressure sprays to remove dirt, gum and surface debris, as well as rinsing of walls, windows, light poles and other fixtures up to 4ft from the sidewalk.


To help us with neighborhood beautification, the SSA contracts Cleanslate. As a social enterprise of Cara Collective, Cleanslate transforms communities by finding motivated job seekers to create cleaner, safer streets. As part of this mission, hundreds of their workers can be found in our neighborhoods each year, unlocking their power and purpose. SSA #31 is extremely proud to have them as part of our community.


Each year, the SSA commission contracts a landscaping service beautify approximately 90,000 square feet of corridors throughout Ravenswood. The landscapers take care of over 300 tree beds, more than 30 planters, and the Lawrence Ave medians and bioswales. In 2016, the SSA analyzed curb areas in the Ravenswood corridor that could be landscaped to accommodate picnic tables at which local employees could eat.

Holiday Decorations

During the holiday season, the SSA helps make things festive by decorating our commercial corridors. We add seasonal decorations to our light poles, planter boxes, and other municipal structures. We also add festive plants and landscaping in our planter boxes.

By decorating our commercial corridors, we make our streets more pleasant to walk, our businesses more fun to shop, and our community more enjoyable to explore.

Current Reports

2022 Cleanslate Service Reports

Past Reports

Previous years reports have been collected into publicly accessible Google Drive folders below. Please click on any year to access reports. If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

2021 Cleanslate Service Reports

2020 Cleanstreet Service Reports

2018 Cleanstreet Service Reports

2017 Cleanstreet Service Reports

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