Neighborhood Banner Program

Promote your business and connect with the community with Neighborhood Banners.

The Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce’s Neighborhood Banner Program offers businesses prime visibility and connects their organizations to the community.

All of the Ravenswood Banners have a different design, representing the diversity of our neighborhood corridors. For Bowmanville, all of the banners are the same color.

Banner Pricing & Term

All banners, except those on Lawrence Avenue, are available for purchase for a 2-year period starting at $275 each with price cuts at higher order numbers. Banners on Lawrence Avenue are $325 each due to their larger size and greater visibility.

There are no annual renewal fees! If a banner is damaged within the 2-year period, it will be replaced at no cost to the business.

Where are banners located?

The GRCC oversees banners for placement in Ravenswood and in Bowmanville. In Ravenswood, banners are available for purchase on Clark Street, Damen Avenue, Montrose Avenue, Wilson Avenue, Lawrence, and Ravenswood Avenue. In Bowmanville, banners are available on Foster Avenue, Damen Avenue, and Balmoral Avenue.

We cannot guarantee a specific location for your banner, but we will work to get it as close to your preferred location as possible.

  • Clark Street, between Sunnyside and Ainslie
  • Damen Avenue, from Argyle to Wilson
  • Montrose Avenue, between Damen and Clark
  • Ravenswood Avenue, from Irving Park to Lawrence
  • Lawrence Avenue, between Leavitt and Clark
  • Damen Avenue, between Argyle and Bryn Mawr
  • Foster, between Ravenswood and Western
  • Balmoral between Damen and Ravenswood
  • Bryn Mawr, between Ravenswood and Damen

Traffic Data

Clark22 bus daily ridership12,431
DamenDaily vehicular traffic12,550
50 bus daily ridership6,131
Damen Brown Line station ridership1,705
MontroseDaily vehicular traffic16,633
78 bus daily ridership5,030
Montrose Brown Line station ridership1,656
LawrenceDaily vehicular traffic23,700
81 bus daily ridership8,474
Ravenswood UP-N Metra station boardings2,630
Ravenswood UP-N Metra station alightings2,545
FosterDaily vehicular traffic24,650
92 bus daily ridership3,887
Data based off of 2019 reports made by the City of Chicago CDOT, CTA, and Metra.

Connecting business and community.

The Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce is committed to building a Ravenswood that connects business and community, one member at a time. Won’t you join us?

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