Ravenswood Towers

Artist: Beyond Design
Location: Ravenswood Ave and Irving Park Rd, NE corner (west side of the tracks)
Materials: Reclaimed Chicago brick and metal
Installation Date: June 1, 2019

The Ravenswood Towers are the gateway into our historic Industrial Corridor. They greet artisans beginning their work day, welcome visitors to the ArtWalk and other festivals, and glow in the evening for all to enjoy. Dedicated on June 1, 2019, the Towers were conceived, designed, and constructed entirely by the Ravenswood community.

Made of reclaimed Chicago brick and metal, the Towers pay homage to a vibrant community built on supporting creative businesses. The geometric lines represent the modernization of the area, while the curved, flowing motif compliments the surrounding gardens. The twin canopies reflect light, resulting in an inspiring glow that represents perseverance and prosperity.

The Ravenswood Towers are the result of years of collaboration between Special Service Area #31, Ravenswood Community Council, Hayes Properties, Beyond Design, Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce, Foster Dale Architects, and Moments Notice Services.

Project Details

Ravenswood firm Beyond Design drew inspiration from American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who believed in creating structures that are in harmony with humanity and our environment.

Sponsors: Special Service Area #31, Hayes Properties, Beyond Design, Ravenswood Community Council, Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce

Team: Foster Dale Architects, Moments Notice Services

Special Thanks: Diane Walch, SSA #31/Hayes Properties

Remembering Diane Walch

Diane Walch

The garden around the eastern Tower includes a memorial for Diane Walch (June 1953 – August 2015), a longtime Hayes Properties employee and SSA commissioner. Diane served as an advocate for the Ravenswood small business, resident, and creative communities.

Under her stewardship, SSA #31 supported local arts programming, sponsored greening efforts, and installed infrastructure to make Ravenswood more bike-friendly. Diane helped drive landscaping projects along Ravenswood Ave’s Metra tracks, implemented snowplowing services for the Industrial Corridor, and helped launch a graffiti removal program.

Whether in these capacities, as a volunteer for the Community Council, or in her work-life as “the face of Hayes Properties,” she served Ravenswood with compassion, thoughtfulness, and open-mindedness. Diane Walch was instrumental to the growth of our community, and her legacy continues in our work. She is and will always be greatly missed.

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