Artist: Brandin Hurley
Location: Ravenswood and Leland
Materials: Metal and concrete
Dimensions: 3 ft
Installation Date: TBD

About the Artist

Brandin is a Chicago based installation artist with a background in scenic design. Although her medium varies, her favorite element is light, and she enjoys experimenting with it’s flexibility and etherial wonder in all contexts. Her work, often inspired by the seemingly eternal and awe-inspiring patterns in both nature and mythology, has culminated in installations of delicate glowing crystals, flocks of floating brass molicules, giant glittering hands, cave-like rooms of glowing honeycomb and golden bees, and looming papercut faces of mythological demons.

Project Details

I have always been fascinated by the intricacy and beauty of the tiniest natural elements. At Natural History Museums, my favorite rooms are the ones filled with drawers and boards of patterned pinned butterflies and rows of seed pods and shells. I love finding helicopter pods and dropping them to watch their whirling descent, and collecting acorns to study their incredibly detailed textures. However, on a daily basis, the most that we interact with these incredible products of nature are to crunch them underfoot. By enlarging them we are struck with the sculptural and intricate nature of each individual item.

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