Subterranean Figure

Artist: Will Vannerson
Location: Ravenswood Ave and Lawrence Ave, SW corner (west side of the tracks)
Materials: Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 6.5 ft
Installation Date: November 29, 2021

Artist Statement

With Subterranean Figure, I am exploring our human tendency to find reflections of ourselves in the natural world. Though this sculpture is a faithful replication of a simple piece of ginger, the scale and material shifts the context enough to resonate with the viewer as an abstract form with a figurative presence.


Project Details

“Subterranean Figure” was commissioned and installed as a part of the debut of the Ravenswood Sculpture Garden in 2021.

Sponsors: Ravenswood Community Council, Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce, Special Service Area #31

About the Artist

Artist Will Vannerson

For the last several years I have focused exclusively on building for the outdoors. My primary medium is steel, which I fabricate and have hot-dip galvanized.

Tubular structures resonate with me because they visually create and conceal space. I gravitate toward them as formal touchstones because there is an engaging ambiguity in the incrementally configuring structures and implied growth that they allow for. Mine is a fluid, invertebrate, baroque sculpture. 

I live, work, and ride my bicycle in Kansas City, MO.” – Will Vannerson

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