Spoken Café, Beans & Bagels Earn “Snail of Approval” for Sustainable Food Practices

Read about two local cafés who have been awarded the prestigious Snail of Approval for meeting “the highest Good, Clean and Fair standards.” Read more “Spoken Café, Beans & Bagels Earn “Snail of Approval” for Sustainable Food Practices”

Join the Next Levy Senior Center Community Meeting

The Northeast Levy Senior Center (2019 W Lawrence Ave) is a community focal point for residents who are 60 and older. The Levy Center offers a variety of social, educational and recreational activities and provides valuable resources for residents. The Levy Center is supported by The NE Levy Center Village, a collaborative volunteer network that […] … Read more “Join the Next Levy Senior Center Community Meeting”

Self Care Tools for Challenging Times

Many things this year have felt out of our control. What we can control is how we care for ourselves in these challenging times. Dr. Bianka Hardin will lead us through experiential learning focused on self-care tools such as mindfulness, gratitude, self-compassion, intentionality, and self-regulation. Read more “Self Care Tools for Challenging Times”

Experience the Best of Fall in Ravenswood

Fall is a magic time in Ravenswood when the leaves change, boutiques stock chic Autumn fashion, pumpkin lattes appear on cafe menus, and Oktoberfest beers are brewed across Malt Row. We’ve scoured Ravenswood to bring you the best fall fashion, harvest flavors, and other seasonal fun. Read more “Experience the Best of Fall in Ravenswood”

Wellbeing Personalized Healthcare

This month we caught up with Dr. Lina of Wellbeing Personalized Healthcare! Located at 1767 W Wilson, WBPHC is a holistic healthcare provider utilizing a combination of chiropractic techniques, acupuncture, nutritional counseling and functional medicine to “bring you back to proper movement, function and optimal health.” Read more “Wellbeing Personalized Healthcare”

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