GRCC logoWhile just established in 2015, the Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce is tied to a 57-year history of fostering a vibrant, locally-focused economy in Ravenswood.

Built on the foundation of the Ravenswood Community Council’s work within the area’s commercial corridors, the GRCC is guided by the belief that creativity, sustainable living and diverse industry position Ravenswood as a destination neighborhood.

In 2014 The Ravenswood Community Council, with the support of the Ravenswood business community and local government, applied for and was awarded a New Business Development Center grant from the city of Chicago. In 2015 that grant gave birth to the Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce, an entity that will provide even more vital services to our local business owners. Together, both organizations have an even greater voice in advocating for responsible growth and development in the Ravenswood corridor and surrounding areas.

The GRCC and RCC will come together around a series of shared goals, combining their strong neighborhood networks and coordinating efforts with local aldermen, the city of Chicago and other community partners.

As the Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce, we can help with:

  • Starting a new small business
  • Providing information about the Ravenswood community
  • Access to GRCC and City educational workshops and opportunities
  • Troubleshooting city-related issues for small businesses
  • Connecting businesses to financial resources
  • Business-to-business networking opportunities
  • Employment and workforce development assistance
  • Sponsorship opportunities for neighborhood special events
  • Consumer marketing assistance
  • Connecting your business to the local community

Find more information on Chicago’s Neighborhood Business Development Center (NBDC) program.

Find more information on Chicago’s Neighborhood Small Business Growth Strategy.