Lori Gee

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Ravenswood Community Services

Executive Director

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Lori joined the staff at Ravenswood Community Services‘ food pantry and community kitchen as its Executive Director in January of 2012. Before joining Ravenswood Community Services (RCS), she spent 11 years working as a project and product manager in the telecommunications industry. In 2009, Gee began her own business working with both business and residential customers as a professional organizer. Though she loved that work, when the opportunity to join the RCS staff came about, she knew that working with RCS was what was supposed to be next for her. Gee transitioned from volunteer to staff member, working closely with an organization that has been near to her heart for many years.

Between her work as a volunteer with RCS and a member of All Saints’ church, Gee has been an active member of the Ravenswood Community for more than 20 years. She is honored to serve on the GRCC Board of Directors and grateful to have the opportunity to work with such a talented staff that tackles the work of a Chamber of Commerce with such creativity and enthusiasm while approaching everything through a community-building lens.

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