Christina Pecce

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Business Services Manager

Christina Pecce, a dynamic professional with a passion for community development and the arts, currently serves as the Business Services Manager with the Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce. With a rich background in fostering the growth of local businesses, Christina’s journey began in the heart of Ravenswood, where she tirelessly supported numerous small businesses in the neighborhood. Her hands-on experience provided her with a deep understanding of the community’s needs and a genuine commitment to its prosperity.

In addition to her business acumen, Christina is a multifaceted individual, known for her vibrant presence in the Chicago arts and music community. A seasoned performer herself, she brings a unique perspective to the Chamber, infusing creativity into her role. Christina is excited to leverage her extensive network and artistic sensibilities to further enhance the cultural vibrancy of Ravenswood. Her dedication to both the business and artistic realms reflects her holistic approach to community development.

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