Megan Bunimovich

Megan Bunimovich

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Executive Director

I see great opportunities all around me in the Ravenswood Community; the residents and businesses, the infrastructure and support…there’s a vitality about the community that has sustained it through its rich history. I see great potential in the future of Ravenswood and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.

– Megan Bunimovich, Executive Director, GRCC

As Executive Director of the both the Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce and the Ravenswood Community Council, Megan Bunimovich connects residents and businesses through a number of creative initiatives and programs that support the broader vision of both organizations.

Megan’s education and experience in community economic development serves the community well as she promotes a vibrant, locally-focused economy in Ravenswood. Previously, she served as the Director of Community Development with the Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce, focusing on supporting the mission of both the Clark Street and Lincoln Avenue SSAs. Her prior experience includes working as a project manager with Target Group and as a member of the planning and development department of the Chicago Park District.

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