Sidonie Gaude

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RCC Board President

  • Greening & Sustainability Committee

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Spoken Café


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Sidonie Gaude and her husband Will Goodwin are the owner/manager team behind Spoken Café, a cozy little breakfast and lunch spot on Montrose Avenue.

Louisiana born and raised, Will and Sido naturally love to feed people and have a respect for food made from scratch. Their menu focuses on using locally and seasonally sourced ingredients, house made cream cheeses/sauces/jams/pickles/soups/salads, and fair trade & organic coffees.

Sido has previously sat on the Board of Directors for the Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce (501c6) and is currently the Board President of the Ravenswood Community Council (501c3). She is also a Garden Leader with the Montrose Metra Community Gardens (501c3).

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