Ravenswood Metra Station Construction Update – May 2022

A change in seasons means it’s time for another Ravenswood Metra Construction Update! The new station, located at Lawrence and Ravenswood avenues, is the final component of a larger, years-long renovation project for Metra’s Union Pacific North line. 47th Ward Alderman Matt Martin’s office recently shared an update, including upcoming work and street closures that are part of the project’s final stages.

Starting Tuesday, May 31, crews will begin removing and replacing the sidewalk and retaining wall on the south side of Lawrence, under the tracks. Crews will work between 8 AM and 5 PM, with set up beginning as early as 6 AM. For up to six weeks, the southern sidewalk under the tracks will be closed. The Ravenswood Metra Station will remain accessible and the northern sidewalk will stay open.

Eastbound Lawrence Avenue will be closed during work hours. Motor vehicles, including the CTA Route #81 Bus, will be rerouted via Damen, Montrose, and Ashland avenues. Eastbound cyclists will be rerouted via Wolcott, Leland, and Hermitage.

Thanks to Alderman Martin’s office for keeping us current with updates on this work. Have a question about this project? Contact Josh Mark, 47th Ward Director of Development and Infrastructure at (773) 868-4747 or josh@aldermanmartin.com. For the most current alerts, sign up for the 47th Ward newsletter at www.aldermanmartin.com.

About Metra’s Ravenswood Construction Project

First announced in 2010, this $30 million project included the renovation of 11 bridges and other infrastructure along Metra’s UP-N line, which runs through the heart of Ravenswood. First, crews demolished and replaced bridges and tracks from Grace St and Balmoral Ave. This included work on associated drainage connection to the existing storm sewer system.

Crews installed temporary earth retention systems, which were necessary to construct the bridge foundations. They also installed approximately 6,100 feet of retaining walls at 11 locations across the project area. The removed embankment material was re-used as fill in.

Next, the project called for reconstruction of the eastern side of the Ravenswood Metra Station. According to project consultants RS&H, “the unique station uses a two-span railroad bridge as its roof structure.” Upgrades will include longer, covered platforms, warming shelters, new lighting, space for a ticket office, vendor space, stairs and ADA-compliant ramps. Metra completed construction of the western side of the station in 2015.

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