Ravenswood Farmers Market Application

We are now accepting applications from vendors interested in popping up at the Ravenswood Farmers Market. We’re excited to return to more normal market operations and welcome the neighborhood back. Our market operates on Wednesdays from 4-7pm, from June 15 through October 12, 2022 at 4900 N Damen Avenue. There will be no market on July 7th.

Guest Vendor Applications

At each market, the Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce (GRCC) provides “Guest Vendor” spaces for neighborhood retailers, health & wellness providers, local artists, and non-profit organizations based in Ravenswood. In order to participate as a Guest Vendor, for-profit businesses must be GRCC members. Applications for Guest Vendors open Monday, May 23, 2022.

Have questions? Contact gene@ravenswoodchicago.org. Thanks for your interest in joining the Ravenswood Farmers Market. We look forward to seeing you this summer!

Weekly Vendor Application Forms

Applications for Ravenswood Farmers Market are now CLOSED.

Interested Vendors: First, please complete the “Base Application” form. Then, fill out the “Production Practices” form that best represents your business (Farmer, Producer, or Processor). Vendors selling goods from their own farms or orchards also need to fill out the “Farm/Orchard Site Location” form.

The deadline to apply for this season is Sunday, May 15, 2022.

About the Ravenswood Farmers Market

A collaboration between the Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce and Ravenswood Covenant Evangelical Church, the Ravenswood Farmers Market connects residents to farmers and food producers and provides a meeting place for neighbors to come together. In addition to a variety of farmers and vendors, you’ll also find guest artists, retailers, health and wellness providers, and non-profit organizations. Our market has served Ravenswood and its surrounding communities since 2016.

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