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Is/Was brewing

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Is/Was Brewing is a Ravenswood, Chicago-based producer of artisanal beers. Currently focused on the Saison style, they strive to make beers that are as complex and contemplative as they are approachable and enjoyable.

The name “Is/Was” reflects their view on the evolution of beer on a micro and macro level. On the micro level, each bottle of Is/Was beer is constantly evolving. Every time you open one it will be slightly different. Your experience with that same beer may differ based on your environment, mood, palette, and a range of other factors. On a macro level, Is/Was beers and the brewery itself embrace the concept of evolution. Co-founder and brewer Mike Schallau’s belief that recipes and processes can always be tweaked and improved means their beer changes (for the better) from batch to batch.

Mike Schallau, co-founder and brewer at Is/Was Brewing

Schallau has been brewing beer professionally for over a decade. He started at Pipeworks Brewing as an unpaid intern and rose through the ranks until he oversaw all daily operations, recipe development, and the barrel aging program. Since in 2019, he has grown Is/Was from a little known secret into one of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine’s “20 Favorite Saison Breweries.”

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