Cicada Parade-a Comes to Ravenswood

Once every 221 years, trillions of cicadas emerge together for a summer symphony. To celebrate, RCC is bringing 45 cicada sculptures to Ravenswood!

Cicada Parade-a is a collaborative art project celebrating the simultaneous emergence of Illinois 17-year and 13-year cicadas. Organized by The Insect Asylum, the exhibit features hundreds of cicada sculptures beautified by local artists and installed in public spaces. The project also serves as a fundraiser for The Asylum, who are building a rooftop garden and butterfly house above their museum in Avondale. As a part of our commitment to supporting arts and greening initiatives, Ravenswood Community Council is sponsoring Cicada Parade-a, bringing 45 sculptures to Ravenswood!

This temporary, “once every 221 year exhibition” will be on display throughout the summer. Each 18-inch sculpture was hand cast in Avondale and decorated by local artists. Crews from The Insect Asylum began installing the cicadas around the neighborhood in late May. Now, we invite you to explore the Cicada Parade-a Ravenswood Route! You’ll find our cicadas installed along Wilson, Ravenswood Ave, Montrose, Clark, Lawrence, and Damen. See our handy map to plan your tour!

Mapy Key: Green = Tree, Purple = Light Post, Blue = Fence
Note: Due to challenges with some locations, cicadas may not be at the exact location listed above. The Insect Aslyum team did their best to get as close to each location as possible.

To learn more about The Insect Asylum and Cicada Parade-a, visit

About the Ravenswood Community Council

The Ravenswood Community Council (501c3) is a network of creative professionals devoted to promoting a vibrant, sustainable, healthy, and connected Ravenswood. Our initiatives include supporting local artists and investing in public art; community greening and placemaking; advocating for affordable housing; and advocating for increased resources for older adults.

Current RCC projects include the Cicada Parade-a; planning for Ravenswood ArtWalk, leading a new gateway mural project at Lawrence and Ravenswood Ave; and the transformation of two decommissioned utility poles on Ravenswood Ave. Past projects include establishing the Ravenswood Sculpture Garden; leading a mural project at Ravenswood and Berteau; organizing learning and networking opportunities for artists; hosting neighborhood cleanups; and ongoing care of the Berteau Greenway bioswales.

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