Trade Discount on Tambour Supplies for Local Costumers & Couturiers

Calling all costumers and couturiers! Maydel Chicago is offering 15% trade discounts on all tambour supplies. The offer includes Langlois Martin French sequins, Bob Haven x Maydel tambour handles, Benton & Johnson metalwork threads and spangles, and Schmetz chain stitch needles.

Located at 1746 W Wilson Ave, Maydel is a needlework shop that makes crafting more inclusive. They do so by eliminating hurdles to finding supplies and completing projects. This includes offering supplies that meet a variety of needs for crafters with metal allergies, light sensitivities, vision and fine motor limitations, and more. Maydel’s by-the-piece pricing and customizable project bundles ensure that crafters get exactly what they want at the lowest cost from a vetted list of sustainable, ethical manufacturers.

Maydel does deep supply chain research to source the most ethically produced craft materials. For example, Langlois Martin sequins are not only the sequins preferred by Europe’s most prestigious couture houses, such as Chanel and Dior, they are also made from compostable plant fiber using a 100-year-old technique. They are some of the only sequins in existence that don’t contain fossil-fuels or cause plastic pollution. Maydel carries the largest selection of these sequins in the United States, and offers them by the inch (100 sequins), the strand (1,000 sequins), and the skein (10,000 sequins).

Creators of fine garments will also find the highest possible environmental and labor standards in Maydel’s selection. This includes Pony hand-sewing needles, locally made beeswax, and their brand-new, exclusive tambour handles designed in partnership with couture legend Bob Haven. These signature handles are hand-turned by artisans in Sialkot, Pakistan from native white oak.

Maydel’s 15% trade discount is open to any teacher or professional artist spending $150 or more on tambour supplies. For more information, visit

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