Laurie Shaman Ceramics

Laurie Shaman’s porcelain tabletop and wall work incorporates original drawings and surface imagery evoking classical and contemporary sensibilities. Explore Inspired by the urban landscape of Chicago, Emily Rapport paints vacant lots, El tracks, neighborhood houses, fast food restaurants, and construction sites. These ordinary scenes share a strong sense of locality but also belong to […] … Read more “Laurie Shaman Ceramics”

Garage Gallery – Mathias “Spider” Schergen

Mathias roams the alleys, railroad prairies, industrial parks, and truck depots that permeate his neighborhood. From these places, he finds and collects indigenous materials that he uses to make art. Discarded household items, drift wood, branches, exotic bits of hardware, broken signs, and debris from cars found along the curbs are incorporated and repurposed into […] … Read more “Garage Gallery – Mathias “Spider” Schergen”


Awakenings is an arts nonprofit dedicated to making visible the artistic expression of survivor of sexual violence. We are excited to welcome ArtWalk goers to tour our current exhibit: Embodying Justice. This exhibit centers work by survivors of Japanese military sexual slavery, who were euphemistically called “comfort women,” before and during WWII. Through art, we […] … Read more “Awakenings”

Wonder City Studio

Wonder City Studio creates artwork that honors the architecture and history of places worth preserving, with a special love for Chicago. Helping clients honor cherished homes, buildings, neighborhoods, cities; the studio partners with organizations with similar missions. Based along the Ravenswood corridor, Wonder City Studio was founded by Katie Lauffenburger and Phil Thompson. They are […] … Read more “Wonder City Studio”

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