Studio B1

Studio B1

  • 4001 N Ravenswood, Basement

Saturday and Sunday, 11am - 6pm

Come visit the shared studio space of three artists working in different media.

Stacia Yeapanis upcycles daily waste and past installation materials into unique home decor, accessories, and gifts, focusing on color and texture. Items on sale include earrings, tote bags, planters, wind chimes, and more.

Verónica Casado Hernández delves into heartbreak, guerrilla warfare, Catholic eschatology, and hysteria in a multidisciplinary series. To do so, she is researching her own romantic biography. You could call it auto-ethnography. She likes to call it emotional exhibitionism.

Rachelle Hill merges printmaking and textiles to explore land and identity through mapping. Using abstraction, she contemplates how our sense of home and landscape conditions the way we approach the world. Stop by to pull your own print on the artists etching press and shop for handmade prints & textiles.

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