When I opened STUDIO MURMUR in Chicago in 2009, I did so with the intention of working in the rich tradition of the industrial Midwest, with the people that built America and the abundant natural resources found throughout this region. MAKOKOMO is the full expression of that ideal and one that I am proud to share with […] … Read more “MAKOKOMO”


Adorn Home Fragrance is a Chicago-based company that carries handmade candles, incense, room sprays, and reed difusers. We love burning candles, but don’t love what comes with burning mass produced candles: soot, chemicals, additives, and often unnecessary ingredients. Our candles are made in Portage Park, Chicago using beeswax –a natural and healthy substance used in candle […] … Read more “ADORN”

Nicolet Candle

Inspired by the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin, Nicolet (pronounced Ni-co-LAY) Candle Company was founded in 2007 by Gerri Brunner. Nicolet began as a hobby, and then launched into a collection motivated by the desire to create a quality product – not only for our customers, but also for the planet we live on. For as […] … Read more “Nicolet Candle”

Wonder City Studio

Wonder City Studio creates artwork that honors the architecture and history of places worth preserving, with a special love for Chicago. Helping clients honor cherished homes, buildings, neighborhoods, cities; the studio partners with organizations with similar missions. Based along the Ravenswood corridor, Wonder City Studio was founded by Katie Lauffenburger and Phil Thompson. They are […] … Read more “Wonder City Studio”

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