Each month, the Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce highlights a different business from our neighborhood. This month we caught up with one of Ravenswood’s oldest businesses– the awesome folks at Crafty Beaver Home Center. Located at 1522 W Lawrence, Crafty Beaver has long been the neighborhood’s go-to hardware and home repairs store.

So, you’ve been in the ‘hood for as long as most of us can remember. When did you first open?
Crafty Beaver has been in the Ravenswood since 1934!

What would you say you’re best known for? What sets you apart from your competition?
We’re known for quality products and outstanding service. Crafty Beaver offers everything you need for your home. We are your local hardware store, lumber yard, and all around one-stop-shop for everyday household needs.

You’re “re-concepting” and you’ve got a grand re-opening on the horizon— what exactly does that mean? What’s different about your store now?
We are very pleased to work with our national co-operative, Do-it Best, to bring the neighborhood a completely revitalized store. We’ve added over 3,000 new items! The re-opening celebrations will be a time for Ravenswood to come and see all of the major brands and new and exciting products we’ve added!

What’s something I can find at Crafty Beaver that I can’t find anywhere else?
We believe our people make the difference. With many, many, years of experience we can help you solve just about any problem with your home. We truly embrace the community and treat all of our guest like family. We really try to cater to the neighborhood’s needs and want to be that one stop shop for every single customer.

Is there something you love most about doing business in this community?
It’s a very strong knit and long-standing neighborhood. Ravenswood has a strong sense of community and we notice that people want to help one another. Being a family-owned company, we really embrace the spirit of Ravenswood and are thankful for the support we receive from the immediate and surrounding neighborhoods.

Crafty Beaver has a great reputation in terms of giving. In what ways do you support community groups and non-profit orgs?
We actively participate with Habitat for Humanity. Over the years we have donated shelving, doors, windows, building materials and much more! A little closer to our home, we donate to many of the area schools and churches. We also host food drives as well as other activities to support a variety of people in need.

Where’s your favorite place for lunch in Ravenswood?
There are so many new and exciting places in Ravenswood, it’s hard to keep. One place we really enjoy coming back to is Glenn’s Diner on Montrose!

How about your favorite place for an after-work drink?
Again, there are a lot of new places to check out, with many different atmospheres. We’re all really big fans of Fountainhead.

Last one, and maybe the hardest: where’s your go-to spot for coffee?
Easy. Just around the corner at Ridman’s! Close to the store and great service.

For more on Crafty Beaver, visit www.craftybeaver.com. Stay up to date on their latest sales and promotions on Facebook and Twitter.

Crafty Beaver Home Center
1522 W Lawrence
Chicago, IL 60640
(773) 271-2288

Gene Wagendorf III

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