ChiBiz Blooms Celebrates Chicago’s Small Businesses in Ravenswood

On May 3rd, 2019, officials from the Department of Business and Consumer Protection and the Illinois Liquor Commission partnered with the Greater Ravenswood Chamber to host a special press conference at KOVAL Distillery. BACP Commissioner Escareno discussed the recent reforms from the Mayor’s Office designed to support the craft beverage industry by eliminating red tape and working more closely with key stakeholders to develop more effective programs and policies.

Malt Row: A Thirsty Enterprise Invigorates Local Economy

City officials discussed the incredible economic impact of the craft beverage industry on Chicago, praising the GRCC’s 2017 Malt Row branding campaign and associated programs as being an important step toward keeping small breweries and distilleries sustainable and successful over the long term. GRCC Associate Director Gene Wagendorf closed the press conference, discussing the greater impact Malt Row has on Ravenswood, highlighting the nearly 200 jobs they create, the fundraising avenues that they provide for local non-profits, and the power of neighborhood-focused tourism on the local small business ecosystem.

Visit your local breweries and support small business.

After the press conference, city officials joined representatives from KOVAL Distillery, Empirical, Dovetail and Spiteful for a tour and tasting Empirical Brewery. Interested in exploring these breweries and distilleries for yourself? Check out our Malt Row page for more information.

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