Nomadic Ant

Saturday and Sunday, 11am - 6pm

There is often little exchange between humans anymore when buying or selling a product, and we think that kinda sucks. We want to share the stories of the jewelry and other treasures we have discovered on our travels, but more importantly we want you to know that everything you find at Nomadic Ant was made and carried to you by the hands of people who care about quality and who genuinely love life, live to travel, and yearn for a world where people value honest to goodness small businesses. We believe that if you can’t tell a story about things that you purchase, like who made it or where it came from, you are buying the wrong things. We have been roaming the planet for years, not because we want to sell stuff, but because we see the world as a living market and it is fascinating. It is a place where goods are made, bought, sold, and traded. People exchange goods and services, negotiate, bargain, haggle, and pay for things in countless currencies like they have for thousands of years. In the modern world this is less and less the case. We want to hold fast to the traditions we love while also participating in an always evolving world. Our goal is not to simply sell things, but to share and encourage the stories and human element that is behind those things.

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