Limba Gal Jewelry

Limba Gal Jewelry is an assortment of modern, unconventional jewelry essentials for those who value authenticity and individual style. Honoring the tradition of African craftsmanship, each piece is hand-fabricated from quality, raw materials with attention to detail. Limba Gal’s distinctive designs incorporate a fascination with geometry, architecture, cultural symbols, and the universe. Limba Gal offers made […] … Read more “Limba Gal Jewelry”


RedAvaDesigns is an eclectic line of jewelry, objects, and art designed and created in Chicago, Illinois using traditional and non-traditional metalsmithing and enameling techniques. My work includes vintage and contemporary beads and components, natural stones, hand-forged enamel, sterling silver, copper, brass, and bronze. Many pieces are one of a kind. I’m influenced by everything from […] … Read more “RedAvaDesigns”

Locked And Layered

Locked and Layered is a brand that highlights architectural, industrial and minimal designs seen throughout one’s lifetime. Growing up in Chicago and having one of the most breathtaking skylines in the world, I often found myself looking up, fascinated by the intricacies of all the buildings. By combining all of these inspirations, Locked and Layered […] … Read more “Locked And Layered”

Lakshmi Caldera

Lakshmi’s universe is spiritual, her inspiration comes from Mompox, the second oldest city in Colombia. Their designs are inspired by the indigenous Momposino ancestors and their deep culture, their jewels connect you with the ancient indigenous traditions of the Mompox region, the natural wonder of the Magdalena River and the colonial history of the region. […] … Read more “Lakshmi Caldera”

Nomadic Ant

There is often little exchange between humans anymore when buying or selling a product, and we think that kinda sucks. We want to share the stories of the jewelry and other treasures we have discovered on our travels, but more importantly we want you to know that everything you find at Nomadic Ant was made […] … Read more “Nomadic Ant”

Bangin' Designs

The word “bangin’” in Bangin’ Designs references the slang adjective describing something impressive and enjoyable, as well as the technique of fold forming which relies on a great deal of hammer work to create organic, fluid designs which is a large part of my process. Bangin’ Designs belief in living small and slow informs every […] … Read more “Bangin' Designs”


Laura Matzen photography reflects her passion for contrast, color and the harmony between light and subjects. Matzen’s collection from Unlocked Destiny features imagery of doorways combined with faces and text signifying a soul entering a fate. Within these images she explored her love of Photoshop using window layers to montage imagery about destiny. … Read more “Matzenart”

Garage Gallery – Mathias “Spider” Schergen

Mathias roams the alleys, railroad prairies, industrial parks, and truck depots that permeate his neighborhood. From these places, he finds and collects indigenous materials that he uses to make art. Discarded household items, drift wood, branches, exotic bits of hardware, broken signs, and debris from cars found along the curbs are incorporated and repurposed into […] … Read more “Garage Gallery – Mathias “Spider” Schergen”

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