Catherine Elizabeth

Catherine Elizabeth is a Chicago-based collage artist, using only upcycled newspaper. Art, for her, is a way of storytelling and preserving memories. A medium, newspaper, once used to share stories and information is now being repurposed to create new stories. Inspired by summers spent in Northern Michigan, her first pieces are of favorite Leelanau County […] … Read more “Catherine Elizabeth”


Ponnopozz is the art and studio of Adrianne Hawthorne. Adrianne uses vivid colors in unexpected combinations to create wild, colorful acrylic and gouache paintings of plants and other abstractions. Color has always been her main source of inspiration. Adrianne comes from a graphic design background but prefers the act of making art with her own […] … Read more “Ponnopozz”

Delia Jean Art

Delia Jean is a traditional artist based in Chicago, Il. She creates collectible, colorful illustrations and life-like portraits. Inspired by people, parks and gardens, Delia enjoys working with a variety of media, including pen and marker, graphite, watercolor and oil. She is 2012 graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and 2014 […] … Read more “Delia Jean Art”

Chava Mancera

An autodidact of the disciplines of photography and both abstract and color field painting, Salvador “Chava” Mancera draws influence from synesthetic experience, daily living, and natural abundance. As a long-time resident of Chicago, he actively marries art and community through education across the city. In 2020, through experience and experimentation, Chava turned his vision into […] … Read more “Chava Mancera”


Laura Matzen photography reflects her passion for contrast, color and the harmony between light and subjects. Matzen’s collection from Unlocked Destiny features imagery of doorways combined with faces and text signifying a soul entering a fate. Within these images she explored her love of Photoshop using window layers to montage imagery about destiny. … Read more “Matzenart”

Janet Taylor

Making marks is an instinctive and intuitive physical process. Each mark is physical evidence of intangible, internal energy. Throughout the pandemic, I have had a constant desire to move. I have walked, hiked, and breathed through the heightened trauma. Connecting with nature, on both a grand and minuscule scale began to regulate my nervous system […] … Read more “Janet Taylor”

Laurie Shaman Ceramics

Laurie Shaman’s porcelain tabletop and wall work incorporates original drawings and surface imagery evoking classical and contemporary sensibilities. Explore Inspired by the urban landscape of Chicago, Emily Rapport paints vacant lots, El tracks, neighborhood houses, fast food restaurants, and construction sites. These ordinary scenes share a strong sense of locality but also belong to […] … Read more “Laurie Shaman Ceramics”

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