Redline VR

Saturday and Sunday, 11am - 6pm

Redline VR is Chicago’s first and best-rated virtual reality arcade and bar. In their new expansion, The Raven Room, view works by John Ross Wilson, Zachary Blatt, and Slangism. 

John Ross Wilson is a Chicago-based artist that produces paintings, murals, art installations and scenic designs. His original work examines American Mythology through the lens of his Texas upbringing. His last gallery show was as a featured artist at the Bansky Exhibit in downtown Chicago. Artist Website

Zak Blatt is an artist from San Francisco now living in Chicago. Drawing influence from his roots in graffiti, Zak creates representational pop art featuring high contrast colors and positive subject matter. He specializes in portraits but is happy to paint any subject. His work is best known for q zoomed in composition, bringing the viewer as close to the subject as possible. He loves working large but paints in a wide range of sizes. Most of his work is done with acrylic, spray paint, alcohol ink and epoxy resin. Artist Website

A self-taught artist, Tyrue “Slang” Jones has been cultivating and innovating ideas reflected through his artwork for over 25 years. His wide array of styles, ranging from graffiti to fine art, has gained attention around the globe. His signature style of “Figurative Graffiti,” recognized both nationally and internationally, combines flowing shapes and abstracted letter-forms with traditional figure painting.​ At RAW, Slang will exhibit works in virtual realty. Artist Website

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