KOVAL Distillery makes Free Hand Sanitizer for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, First Responders, Front Line Workers

UPDATE: The public can now purchase hand sanitizer from Koval Distillery in Ravenswood here.

In the early stages of Chicago’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic, KOVAL Distillery contacted city and state officials, as well as medical professionals, to offer their services in producing hand sanitizers. In anticipation of the need, they had already ordered the necessary ingredients, as recommended by the World Health Organization. Until March 2020 however,  it was actually a federal offense to produce hand sanitizer; Distilleries with a license to produce alcohol for consumption were not allowed to make alcohol for anything else. Luckily, all such federal restrictions have been released.

In the weeks since, KOVAL has focused efforts on providing hand sanitizers in bulk to the medical community, retirement homes, and those on the front lines in this war against COVID-19. They have a GoFundMe page set up to help them purchase supplies to keep up with demand (and keep the lights on while they produce).

As of Monday, April 13th, KOVAL Distillery has officially donated over 2,000 gallons (over $90,000 worth) of locally-made sanitizer to hospitals, nursing homes, and first responders.

Their efforts have been assisted by donations from the community to their GoFundMe, as well as donations of beer and wine to distill from Ravenswood locals Begyle Brewing, Urban Renewal Brewery and Vin312, as well as Metropolitan Brewing, Great Central Brewing Company, Temperence Beer Co., Goose Island, Midwest Coast Brewing, Oak Park Brewing Co., Lakeshore Beverage, Kingslahger, and Bud Light.

Get involved!

Help support KOVAL Distillery in their work, contribute to their GoFundMe campaign here.

The breweries along Malt Row are looking to put their spent grain to good use.

We’re hoping to find bakeries/bakers that can use spent grains from Malt Row breweries to produce bread to support local food pantries. If you or a business you work with might be interested in learning more, please contact gene@ravenswoodchicago.org.

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