Stacy Rauba & Yutaka Fujita

Saturday and Sunday, 11am - 6pm

Married and creating together for over 20 years, we design clothing and accessories with beautiful handmade workmanship. “We are inspired by fine fabrics, color, design, by nature, and our own private ideas that result in luxurious clothing that is a joy to wear. Our personalities are directly reflected in all our works– which can be sophisticated, stylish, or downright silly and fun.” Born in Tokyo, Japan, Yutaka met Stacy at fashion design school in Chicago and both won awards for design. Building a business making high-end fine custom clothing for clients, they continued to make clothing, hats, and scarves that are all available at Artisan shows. Many designs are one of a kind as we like to experiment with ususual high quality fabrics. Together we also do specialized sewing for major Movies and TV commercials filmed in Chicago and have worked with many actors, sports figures, and celebrities. Everything is designed and personally handmade by Stacy & Yutaka in Chicago

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