Laura Lynne Art

Saturday and Sunday, 11am - 6pm

The art I create is inspired by the deep connection with nature I developed as a child, poems, song lyrics, fairy tales, and poster design. My mixed media artworks are created using paper of all kinds, a scissors, hole punch and sometimes an x-Acto knife, which means my art studio sometimes might look like it just rained confetti! The original art has a rich, raised texture as I layer and layer the different papers with acrylic medium. I strive to be in a contented state while I create so I often gravitate towards bright color combinations and often include metallic foil papers. My mural work uses the same whimsical subjects, metallic paints and bright colors. Often my mixed media work will inspire mural designs and the mural designs will turn into mixed media art. I enjoy doing commissions, collaborations, and teaching art at all age levels. It is very important to me that art be accessible and affordable to all people so I also create archival giclee reproductions of my work.

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