Janet Taylor

Saturday and Sunday, 11am - 6pm

Making marks is an instinctive and intuitive physical process. Each mark is physical evidence of intangible, internal energy. Throughout the pandemic, I have had a constant desire to move. I have walked, hiked, and breathed through the heightened trauma. Connecting with nature, on both a grand and minuscule scale began to regulate my nervous system and settle my mind. This movement filtered into my arms and hands, expressing my most urgent need to also move through visual spaces. No longer in control of much, I surrendered to my intuition. I have found an obsession with these bright, vibrant colors and the process of exploring various media and tools as layers continue to excite and surprise me. My work encompasses the energy that is both released by the artist and received by the audience. These visual reminders represent this internal exchange of energy of the past, present, and future.

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