Green Art Collective

Saturday and Sunday, 11am - 6pm

Artist Statement for Kathleen E. Dickhut of Birches and Barbies: I grew up in DePere, Wisconsin, and first learned about art and craft from my parents. I recall making doll houses and furniture using toothpaste lids for lamps. My mother helped me sew doll clothes. My father and mother were both educators and for six summers we packed up a Holiday Inn trailer and camped in the national, state and local parks from coast to coast. When going through towns and cities they would often stop at antique and used book and comic book stores. I would use the car window to trace outlines of Betty and Veronica to draw clothes. I continue to use and expand upon the skills I have learned using existing materials found in the landscape and within human habitats to create art and functional objects. More of my work can be seen at, KEDWorks on Facebook and @Kdickhut on Instagram.

Artist Statement for Janice Hovey of “Metatorus”: I am a scavenger and I collect old artifacts that might otherwise end up in a landfill, but which have an interesting story or patina – detritus from an earlier era, often broken, rusted, or obsolete. In my work I am interested in investigating the striking juxtaposition of these artifacts along with the industrial, man-made inner-tube rings and objects found in nature. I continue to explore new ways of manipulating the myriad sizes of rubber loops to create new relationships with the other elements of a composition, as well as to create depth, movement, and texture. Recently I have also been focused on creating more two-dimensional analogue collages using old Audubon lithographs, (not signed or valuable on their own) combined with my own mono-print and sumi-nagashi print backgrounds. More of my work can be seen at,, Metatorus on Facebook and metatorus_jewelry on Instagram. The word “torus” refers to the donut or round tube shape in geometry so the name Metatorus loosely translated means “after the tube”.

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