Erin Rossi Designs

Erin Rossi Designs

Saturday and Sunday, 11am - 6pm

Erin Rossi Designs: My journey to the current metal jewelry work I do today started in 2000 by making ornaments from blown eggs. Many of the ornaments included tassels made from beads and reflect a Faberge style, while others were free flowing and totally original. I found the beads so beautifully intriguing, that I started making beaded jewelry from them. Given my extensive background in the arts (with degrees in Sculpture, Photography, and Interior Design), I eventually became dispassionate with beading alone. I started studying metal smithing, because, for me personally, there are infinitely more opportunities for creative possibilities over the beading alone. Harkening back to my original sculpture studies, I also create small mixed media sculptures. These pieces are narratives. They tell a story about what is personally important and interesting. I observe, study and feel these narratives at a visceral and intellectual level. I then, find I am compelled to express these stories through my work.

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