Erin Rossi Designs & Betsylouise Jewelry

Saturday and Sunday, 11am - 6pm

Erin Rossi Designs: My journey to the current metal jewelry work I do today started in 2000 by making ornaments from blown eggs. Many of the ornaments included tassels made from beads and reflect a Faberge style, while others were free flowing and totally original. I found the beads so beautifully intriguing, that I started making beaded jewelry from them. Given my extensive background in the arts (with degrees in Sculpture, Photography, and Interior Design), I eventually became dispassionate with beading alone. I started studying metal smithing, because, for me personally, there are infinitely more opportunities for creative possibilities over the beading alone. Harkening back to my original sculpture studies, I also create small mixed media sculptures. These pieces are narratives. They tell a story about what is personally important and interesting. I observe, study and feel these narratives at a visceral and intellectual level. I then, find I am compelled to express these stories through my work.

Betsylouise Jewelry: My older cousin Jane was my favorite relative. She was the one who always played with me when we’d go visit my aunt and uncle. She would take me into her bedroom, and we would play all day. She told me stories, played games with me, and kept me busy the entire day. I was ENTHRALLED with her and completely adored her. I still do! But the sweetest thing she would do, every single time that I went to see her, was give me some absolutely marvelous possession of hers. One time it was a box of tiny glass vials of perfumes; another time it was a piece of her clothing, or a scarf or barrette. Whatever it was, it was cherished by me. The one item that I will NEVER forget was a ring. It was a thin, silver band with a multi-prong setting that held a stone shaped in a ball. The stone was a little ball of Goldstone. It was MAGICAL to me. Inside this chestnut brown colored ball were hundreds of sparkly gold dots..and what was even more fun, was that the ball would move around in its setting just by touching it. OH MY. It was fascinating. And that is precisely when my love of jewelry began. You will always find brown, blue and green goldstones in my collections.  Here’s to you, cousin Jane!

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