2016 Services Survey

The Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce administers Special Service Area #31, which provides services and programs to strengthen the corridors in the neighborhood and maintain their vibrancy.

We would appreciate your input on the services provided through the SSA and what additional services, if any, should be a part of our programming. Your feedback will help us determine the best way to use resources to benefit the Ravenswood community for years to come.


If you aren’t familiar, SSA #31 was established in 2008 to service the areas on Clark, Damen, Lawrence, Montrose, Wilson and the Ravenswood corridor. Since then, it has sustained the competitiveness of the commercial, industrial and residential districts by ensuring that local tax dollars are controlled locally and go toward consistent, reliable funding for services and programs. Some of those services include sidewalk cleaning, snow removal, landscaping, graffiti removal, and support and promotion for community events and small businesses.

Now the SSA must be reconstituted to continue providing services to the community, and your feedback will help guide us forward.