Supplemental Snow Removal

Supplemental Snow Removal

Included in the variety of services provided by SSA #31 is Supplemental Snow Removal within the SSA boundaries.

Supplemental Sidewalk Snow Removal

SSA crews assist in clearing sidewalks during snowfalls greater than 2″. This SSA sidewalk clearing service does not relieve property owners of their legal shoveling responsibilities. Those with further inquiries about snow removal requirements can see Chicago Municipal Code (4-4-310 & 10-8-180).

Supplemental Snowplowing

The SSA also provides supplemental snowplowing services between midnight at 4 AM along the Ravenswood Corridor (between Lawrence and Irving Park) for snowfalls over 2″ (parking spots only). Accordingly, there is no parking overnight in that section of corridor. This ensures that crews can provide the best service possible, while also making sure no one gets “plowed in.”

Should you have additional questions regarding corridor snow removal, please contact our Executive Director Megan Bunimovich

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