The Greater Ravenswood Special Service Area [SSA #31], was established in 2008 to service areas on Clark, Damen, Lawrence, Montrose, Wilson and the Ravenswood corridor (map). Its purpose is to sustain the competitiveness of the commercial, industrial and residential districts, and clean, beautify and brand the area as an inviting, identifiable and attractive community. 

What is an SSA?

Special Service Areas, known as Business Improvement Districts or BIDs in other cities, fund expanded services and programs through a localized tax levy. There are 53 actives SSAs in Chicago. SSAs ensure that local tax dollars are controlled locally and go toward consistent, reliable funding for local services and programs. Learn more about the SSA #31 commission, which is governed by local property owners.

SSA Program Coordinator Michael Sewall manages day-to-day activities and implementation of SSA programs and services. He can be reached at or 773-975-2088 ext. 104.

Programs and Services

SSA #31 offers many programs and services, including the management of contracts for services such as snow removal, litter abatement and landscaping and assisting local businesses through marketing, special events and façade enhancement.

2015 Annual Report

SSA #31 Map & Boundaries 


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