RCC Membership


RCC Resident Membership Benefits

Your RCC Membership Benefits include having a voice in shaping Ravenswood’s future, by connecting you to one another, to businesses, local government, area schools and local charities.

Our approach to community issues has always been proactive and inclusive. Members stay connected to Ravenswood through a monthly newsletter, year round calendar of events, volunteer opportunities and member discounts. We also work to keep them informed on neighborhood news and happenings, safety initiatives and special programming.

Most importantly, residents like you enable us to continue our work making Ravenswood a safe and beautiful place to live, one with great schools and a thriving local economy. Resident memberships and donations allow us to maintain the bioswales along the Bearteau Greenway. They help us organize fundraisers that give back to neighborhood schools. They help us facilitate the Ravenswood Holiday Walk, where the winter clothing and canned food drive supply neighborhood shelters and pantries. They support us in the massive undertaking that is the Ravenswood ArtWalk, now in its 14th year of opening up Ravenswood’s industrial corridor, showcasing local artists and galleries and filling the streets themselves with art, live music, food and craft beer. Every success the RCC achieves is a success for the Ravenswood residents like you who help us make these things possible.

Interested in joining the RCC?

You can fill out our application online, or access the .pdf application here, then fill it out and mail it in.

Community Council Membership Application .pdf

For questions about membership, please contact Margaret O’Conor at 773-975-2088 or margaret@ravenswoodchicago.org.

Other Ways to Get Involved

In addition to membership, there are a number of ways you can be a part of the future of our community. If you’re interested in volunteering your time to RCC events and initiatives, please reach out to Margaret or request information via our contact form. Current RCC members seeking to join our Board of Directors are welcome to email megan@ravenswoodchicago.org.

You can also help support the programs and initiatives via a donation to the RCC. The Ravenswood Community Council is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible. To make a donation, please click the button below.

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