Ravenswood is home to one of Chicago’s most dynamic and vibrant business communities, including an impressive variety of restaurants, boutiques, cafes, galleries, salons, gift shops and art schools. Our #ShopRavenswood Seasonal Guides offer tips on where to take the family, where to plan a date, and where to pick up the perfect gift for a variety of occasions.

Struggling with what to get for your Valentine this year? Why not check out this list of Ravenswood businesses and restaurants that offer a variety of creative, Cupid-approved gifts and date ideas.

The Gift

B10157262_635571173180730_1313902360_negyle Brewing

www.begylebrewing.com | 1800 W. Cuyler | (773) 661-6963

Got a beer lover in your life? Lucky for them, Ravenswood is full of craft beer gift options. Visit Begyle’s gift shop and pick up a set of swanky Chicago flag pint glasses, a cuddle-enchancing Begyle hoodie, or a growler full of craft suds that’s perfect for sharing. $15+

Hazel Apparel

www.hazelchicago.com | 1926 W. Montrose | (773) 904-7779

Offering fashionable clothing and accessories, as well as an array of crafts and thoughtful gifts, Hazel has a ton of great Valentine’s Day presents possibilities. Their stylish selection  of men’s and women’s apparel makes Hazel a great option regardless of your sweethearts gender. $15+

F6C99A84A7EF2B0142AA1B8102051500Lucila’s Homemade Alfajores

www.lucilashomemade.com | (773) 354-3830

Lucila’s Homemade specializes in an traditional Argentinian treat called “alfajores” (pronounced al-fa-hor-es). Increasingly known as Alfies, these delicious pastries consist of two soft and crumbly cookies sandwiched with a thick layer of “dulce de leche” (creamy caramel). Handcrafted using unique artisanal techniques, these Alfies are locally made and absolutely decadent. Special Valentine’s Day gift packages are still available. $20+

Salon Elan Vital

www.salonelanvital.com |4737 N. Damen | (872) 208-7266

This Ravenswood spa offers relaxing aromatherapy sessions (that can be paired with haircuts), an ideal gift for that stressed-out loved one. Salon Elan Vital also boasts “personalized and individualized” massage that incorporates AVEDA Chakra Balancing Aromas and hot stones, which are designed to relax the body and relieve tension. $40+

The Date

Brew_-BrewCampHomebrewing Classes at Brew Camp

www.brewcamp.com | 4639 N. Damen | (773) 784-2400

You can swing by Brew Camp’s Ravenswood location any time to pick up ingredients for a beer-making date, or you and your boo can hike up to their Evanston location for a beginner-level “Making Beer At Home” class. This hour and a half session will teach you about the equipment, ingredients, and techniques for brewing your beer in your own house. $20

valentine dance 2015 (2)Family Valentine Dance at Chase Park

www.chaseparkadvisorycouncil.org | 4701 N. Ashland | (312) 742-7518

Our friends at the Chase Park Advisory Council has put together a wonderful evening of family-friendly entertainment for Friday, February 13th. Bring the kids and be prepared to boogie. FREE

Two Shows at High Hat Club

www.highhat.club | 1920 W. Irving Park Rd | (773) 697-8660

A relatively new addition to the neighborhood, this Creole-Italian spot features live entertainment 6 (and sometimes 7) nights a week. For Valentine’s Day the club is running a double-feature, with the weekly booze-themed comedy show “Black Out Diaries” being followed by An Anti-Valentine For You. The latter is a musical show featuring “gender-bending, anti-love tunes to delight those of us who feel like Valentine’s Day is a manufactured capitalist ploy designed to sell cards and candy.” $10

tumblr_ni8s21dDFD1rocfrso1_500Lillstreet Art Center’s New Floral Show

www.lillstreet.com | 4401 N. Ravenswood | (773) 769-4226

Looking to kick the winter blues? Enjoy a “flower” show with your date by visiting New Floral, a show which finds artists from Lillstreet’s Textiles Department investigating the lasting and evolving significance of floral patterns in our contemporary urban landscape through fiber arts practices such as embroidery, printmaking, sewing, and natural dyes. Much nicer than a run of the mill bouquet, no? Gallery hours run until 6pm on Valentine’s Day. FREE

The Meal

227722_211936752170285_1303932_nDolce Casa Cafe

www.dolcecasachicago.com | 4947 N. Damen | (773) 506-0708

This European-style cafe is a great place for a casual coffee date, yet also offers a romantic fireplace for couples in search of someplace to cozy up. Just in time for the lover’s holiday, Dolce Casa has rolled out a new menu full of sophisticated takes on cafe classics. $10+

Fireside Restaurant

www.firesidechicago.com | 5739 N Ravenswood | (773) 561-7433

Neighborhood staple Fireside is shaking up their menu for Valentine’s Day, adding delicious dinner specials like strawberry bruschetta, bacon-wrapped scallops, lamb chops with a pomegranate reduction, and heart-shaped ravioli. Reservations are encouraged. $15+


www.marmaladechicago.com | 1969 W. Montrose | (773) 883-9000

Dinners aren’t the only meal of the day that can contain a little romance. Wake up early Saturday and take your date to Marmalade and enjoy sexy a.m. dishes like the crêpa de falso, which boasts cinnamon egg wash-wrapped corn flakes with strawberry mascarpone and strawberry blackberry coulis. $10+

10467071_300703300126805_1278031902244019406_oRiver Valley Farmer’s Table

www.rivervalleyfarmerstable.com | 1820 W. Wilson | (872) 208-3267

While River Valley certainly serves as an amazing spot to share a meal with your date, why not consider changing things up and cooking at home? Aside from housing one of Ravenswood’s best restaurants, River Valley is also home to an incredible market of fresh, locally-grown foods. You can peruse recipes on the RVFT website, then drop by to pick up all the ingredients you’ll need to whip up an amazing meal (including a bottle or two of wine)!

Spacca Napoli

www.spaccanapolipizzeria.com | 1769 W. Sunnyside | (773) 878-2420

Few things say romance like Italian food, which makes a visit to Spacca a no-brainer for this most amorous of occasions. The pizza at this Ravenswood hot spot is “inspired by the authentic aroma, taste, and craft of pizza found on the streets and in the pizzerias in Naples.” Almost as impressive as their selection of pies is this restaurant’s carefully curated wine list, which features a variety of seductive Italian wines.


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