New Brew Guide + Website Launch Malt Row

The Ravenswood corridor and surrounding area boasts some of Chicago’s most unique and award-winning craft beer options, with a bevy of breweries (plus a renowned distillery). In honor of this growing industry, the Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce (GRCC) announced today the establishment of Chicago’s Malt Row—officially recognizing Ravenswood as home to Chicago’s greatest concentration of microbreweries with a new website and Ravenswood on Tap guide to the corridor. Additional activities and promotions will follow in the coming months, including the Ravenswood on Tap festival June 24-25. For more information, visit

Malt Row is centered along Ravenswood Avenue from Irving Park Road north to Balmoral Avenue and includes Band of Bohemia, Begyle Brewing, Dovetail Brewery, Empirical Brewery, Half Acre Beer Co., KOVAL and Spiteful Brewing, plus nearby Aquanaut Brewing Company, Hop Butcher, Letherbee Distillers and Metropolitan Brewing. Forthcoming developments in Malt Row include new facilities from Half Acre Beer Co. and Spiteful Brewing this year, plus the consolidation of KOVAL Distillery’s operations within the corridor. Accolades for Malt Row businesses range from the first Michelin-starred brewpub (Band of Bohemia) to “No. 5 Best New Brewery” in USA Today (Dovetail) and “leader of the alt-grain scene” in Wine Enthusiast (KOVAL).

“The Ravenswood Industrial Corridor boasts a long history as a hub of creative industry and the development of Malt Row is the next phase in its continued evolution,” says GRCC Executive Director Megan Bunimovich. “Our community of craft beverage manufacturers embodies a collaborative spirit and sense of neighborliness that we’re proud to support. GRCC is excited to play a role in creating a lasting identity that will help promote this diverse group of artisans and make it easier for them to engage with visitors for years to come.”

The Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce recently received a Local Industrial Retention Initiative (LIRI) grant from the City of Chicago for 2017-18, with plans to use this funding to support Malt Row along with other manufacturing in the Ravenswood industrial corridor.