Local Industrial Retention Initiative

Local Industrial Retention Initiative

In January of 2017, the Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce (GRCC) was awarded a Local Industrial Retention Initiative (LIRI) grant, activating us as a Delegate Agency for the Chicago Department of Planning & Development.

Our LIRI program delivers industrial retention/development services to businesses in the Ravenswood Industrial Corridor. GRCC aims to address the problems associated with industrial displacement and loss of high-paying jobs by creating a viable industrial corridor through promoting land-use stability, increased public and private investment, job retention/growth and improved industry-neighborhood relations.

We assist with:

  • Information about the Ravenswood Industrial Corridor, the neighborhood in general or a particular industry
  • Launching new small businesses
  • Troubleshooting obstacles
  • City-related issues affecting small businesses
  • Connecting you to a variety of financial resources
  • Business-to-business networking
  • Employment and workforce development assistance
  • Economic Development Incentives
  • Land-use planning, infrastructure and zoning
  • Finding expansion or relocation space in the Corridor

Questions? Contact program coordinator Michael Sewall at (773) 975-2088 or michael@ravenswoodchicago.org