Landscaping & Holiday Décor

Landscaping & Holiday Décor

SSA #31 provides and maintains a variety of landscaping elements along our streets and in the planters that are dotted throughout Ravenswood. The SSA also provides winter holiday decorations to the community, and administers special beautification projects like our mural, facade rebate and litter abatement programs. 


The SSA contracts a landscaping service every year to beautify about 90,000 square feet of corridors throughout Ravenswood, including the Metra embankments, 326 tree beds and 26 planters. In 2016, the SSA analyzed curb areas in the Ravenswood corridor that could be landscaped to accommodate picnic tables at which local employees could eat. 

Holiday Decorations

SSA #31 helps Ravenswood to get into the holiday spirit by decorating its major commercial corridors. Light poles, planter boxes and other municipal structures are treated with seasonal ornamentation, while festive plants and landscaping elements are filled into the community’s green spaces. The resulting holiday atmosphere helps to make our streets more pleasant to walk, our businesses more fun to shop, and our community more enjoyable to explore.