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As one of our core initiatives, the Greening of Ravenswood beautifies community gardens, parks, and open spaces, supports environmental education at area schools, and promotes the achievements of local business owners and residents who help create a more resource-sustainable neighborhood.

Our most recent Greener Ravenswood event took place in June of 2015 in Beyond Design’s gorgeous courtyard. The evening featured sustainable and green vendors, product demonstrations, mini-clinics, local chefs, local brews, a silent auction and our annual Raven Awards, which honor local residents and businesses that exemplify sustainable practices in our community. 2015 award winners included Illinois Environmental Council Executive Director Jennifer Walling, Spoken Cafe owner William Goodwin, and WasteNot Compost founder Liam Donnelly.

Proceeds from 2015 benefited greening projects from Ravenswood Community Council, Ravenswood Elementary, and Lake View High School. In 2014, thanks to the support of our guests and partners, RCC made donations to McPherson and St. Matthias elementary schools to help fund campus greening projects and environmental education programs. Additional proceeds were donated to a variety of local projects, including the maintenance of the bioswales along the Berteau Greenway



Those with further questions about participation are encouraged to contact the RCC’s Event Coordinator, Gene Wagendorf.

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2014’s event featured a collection of local & sustainable vendors educating the community on sustainable lifestyle & business choices. Proceeds from the event benefitted beautification and environmental education projects in the Greater Ravenswood area, including at McPherson and St. Matthias elementary schools.

On the evening of June 12th, guests gathered in Beyond Design’s gorgeous courtyard to enjoy scrumptious bites from local celebrity chefs Jordan Rose (River Valley Famers Table), Julia Pham (Relish Underground Dinner Club) and Erwin Drechsler (Artisanal Wilmette). Also on hand her delicious libations courtesy of Koval Distillery and Begyle Brewing.

Attendees also had the opportunity to participate in informative product demos and mini clinics from businesses like Turin Bicylce and Brew Camp. The 2014 event also featured plenty of chances to shop green goods from local vendors, as well as to bid on Silent Auction items.


Green kick off: With the help of Emmy award-winning 190 North’s Janet Davies, 40th Ward’s Alderman Patrick O’Connor, local businesses and residents, RCC celebrated its community greening with an exciting benefit event attended by 100 guest and raised over $12,000 dollars! We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to all who helped us make A Greener Ravenswood a success.

A Greener Ravenswood A Greener RavenswoodA Greener Ravenswood


Please help us identify areas of the 47th and 40th Wards that could benefit from green improvements by using our contact form. If you are interested in joining the Greening committee or know an entrepreneur who would benefit from a spot at one of our events, please contact us at the RCC’s Events and Marketing Coordinator, Gene Wagendorf.