Using funding from Special Service Area (SSA) #31, the Ravenswood Façade Rebate Program incentivises local small business and property owners to improve the physical appearance of their storefronts.  By funding the improvement of individual storefronts, the program will aid in the revitalization and beautification of Ravenswood.

The Façade Rebate Program is an important tool for strengthening Ravenswood’s standing as a commercial destination for shoppers from across the city.  This funding is intended to assist local small business owners looking to upgrade, preserve or restore their storefronts, and to aid those who would not otherwise be able to complete aesthetically beneficial projects.  The program is managed by the Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce (GRCC) and provides financial and design assistance to the owners and tenants of buildings that have street level commercial space within the published SSA #31 boundaries.

Eligible projects should receive a rebate of up to 50% of the total cost, with a maximum rebate of $5,000.  The qualified applicant must receive an approval letter from the GRCC prior to the beginning of the construction. Any applicants who have started work on their projects prior to receiving written approval will not be eligible for the program.  Rebates are given only after all work has been approved, completed and paid for and adequate documentation has been received by the Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce.

Applications will be considered in the order they are received until all available funds have been distributed for that fiscal year. All proposed improvements must meet the design guidelines set forth in this document and are subject to review and approval by the Façade Rebate Reviewing Committee.

Facade Rebate Program Application

Program in Action

2017: $6,636.50 awarded

  • Spoken Cafe
  • Suvarna Chiropractic

2016: $5,976.57 awarded

  • Anna’s Asian Grill & Sushi
  • Empirical Brewery
  • Kinetic Lofts

2015: $9,650 awarded

  • Band of Bohemia
  • Japanese American Service Committee
  • Michael Hart
  • Salon Elan Vital


Glass Etching and Film Installation

SSA #31 is interested in reducing and eliminating the amount of graffiti and glass scratching that affects storefronts and other buildings throughout our neighborhood. To do so, the SSA offers a program that reimburses property owners and tenants up to 75% of the cost of graffiti/scratch removal and 50% of the cost of film installation and/or glass replacement, up to $1,000 reimbursement limit on each location per year.