Bike Ravenswood

Our interest in promoting sustainable lifestyles and our desire to offer consumers alternative methods of visiting Ravenswood businesses makes promoting cycling in our community an obvious decision. Through SSA 31, the Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce has assisted in developing infrastructure for cyclists, including the installation of neighborhood-branded bike racks and corrals.

In 2014, we began a partnership with local development firm Beyond Design to create unique Ravenswood bike racks that provide convenient and stylish parking while also helping define the community’s boundaries. Rack feedback from the local business community was so positive that the GRCC expanded the program in 2015. So far 20 new bike racks have been installed throughout Ravenswood, offering commuters access to additional parking near train stations, coffee shops, gyms, theaters and retail destinations. Look out for new bike racks to be installed in 2016, and see our map of current Ravenswood bike rack locations below.

Are you a local business owner that would like a bike rack near your location? Contact us for information at