2018 Budget

SSA budgets are developed annually based on the anticipated property tax levy amount. Commissioners begin discussing ideas for services and programs they want to fund in March with the community and service provider staff, and a draft budget is sent to the City of Chicago in June.

The SSA is funded primarily through a property tax levy.  The total 2018 budget is $526,018, which reflects a tax levy of $427,507, plus $98,511 in other sources, including late collections, 2017 carryover, and TIF rebates.

There are five major budget categories defined by the City of Chicago, as well as SSA administration, which must not account for more than 30% of the annual tax levy. The categories are:

Customer Attraction: $106,952 (20.3%) Includes community event sponsorship, website and print materials, public relations contracts, holiday decorations, and the street pole banner program.

Public Way Aesthetics: $263,559 (50.1%) Includes maintenance contracts for landscaping, snow removal, litter abatement, and sidewalk pressure washing; public art and wayfinding signage; and the façade rebate program.

Sustainability and Public Places: $5,000 (1.0%) Includes bike rack installation.

Economic/Business Development: $26,000 (4.9%) Includes holiday shopping program, master planning, and economic impact study.

Safety Programs: $500 (0.1%) Includes safety training for local businesses.

Administration: $124,007 (23.6%): Includes personnel salary, office rent and utilities; and other costs associated with meetings and supplies.

See the 2018 SSA #31 Budget Summary Sheet here.